I’m blessed to have a boyfriend like you

A boyfriend is more than just someone with whom you can socialise and enjoy each other’s company.

A true boyfriend is the only person you can confide in completely and openly and talk to about anything.

I consider myself fortunate to have found all of that in you.

I’m sending you love and best wishes as I wish you a very happy birthday today!

I am so thankful you were born, boyfriend

I am so thankful you were born, boyfriend

I frequently thank my lucky stars, but on a special day like today, I do so even more. My dear, I am so grateful that you were born.

boyfriend. And even though today is likely a celebration of the day you were born, you deserve to be honoured every single day for the wonderful person you are.

Here’s to you and the joy you bring to everyone. With all of my love, happy birthday to you.

More than just a lover and a boyfriend, you

Love, happy birthday.

You are not only my boyfriend and my lover, but also my best friend and my most loved person.

individual in the entire world. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you.

I hope the best company helps you have a wonderful special day.

A thoughtful birthday greeting for a special boyfriend

You are a unique boyfriend, and you deserve an original birthday greeting!

In order to let you know how dear I find you, I’m writing you a love letter on the occasion of your birthday this year. You warm my heart and are adorable and sweet.

You handsome man, happy birthday.


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