As a parent son and daughter are more precious gift for you from God. In your children you love and like son more. When your son born, you feel yourself luckiest person of this universe. Your happiness is limitless. You love with your newborn baby boy more then anything else. Asa a father or a mother you take care of your boy and love him more. You fulfill all his needs and always try to make him happy. He is very special to you and near to your heart. Indeed, son is a sweetest gift of God for you. So, on his birthday you search for Birthday Wishes for Son. Happy Birthday Cool Son

Love With Your Son:

Son is a reason of your smile. He is your courage. He also always stands with you in any condition and supports you. No matter how much old is he, you always love and care him like a first day when he was born. For parents’ son is like a huge mountain of courage and strength. Your son is very important and special for you in your life. So, when it is a birthday to your son, you have to make his day more special and full of pleasures. For this sake, you make special arrangements. You plan a surprise birthday party and arrange lavish dinner in his favorite restaurant. You also present him birthday gifts, greeting cards and wish him happy birthday with great words.

For wishing your son happy birthday you mostly search on google and YouTube for unique and amazing birthday wishes, but mostly you waste your time by facing cheap stuff on many websites. So, for avoiding you from wastage of your precious time, on our website we collect a huge range of unique and handpicked birthday wishes for son. You can checkout birthday wishes, quotes and messages for your son in the section below. Best Birthday Wishes for Son

Unique Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Son:

In this section you can checkout our collection of unique birthday wishes for son. So what are you waiting for? Go and check them out below.

  • My dear son! On your special day wishing you a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with prosperity, great health and success in your whole life.
  • Happy Birthday to the Prince of my life. I wish that you have a joyful year ahead. I am always with you my son.
  • Happy Birthday my little baby boy. Hope that your day will be full of joys, cakes, candies and wonderful like you.
  • Happy Birthday Son. As a parent, we feel very lucky and blessed to have a son like you in our life. Love you Son.
  • On your special day my son! I wish your life filled with joy. May God keep smile on your face. Always look ahead in your life. Happy Birthday My Son.
  • Dear Son! Every day I thank to God that you came into my life.  You bought happiness in my life. Happy Birthday Son.
  • Happy Birthday Son. May God fulfilled all your desires and expectations and this coming year. Have a beautiful life my son.
  • Happy Birthday my jolliest Son. You might be a year older, but also becoming wiser than previous year. Keep growing my son.
  • Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. Words cannot express my feelings about you. You make my life complete with your presence. I love you my son.
  • Happy Birthday my lovely son. It’s your day, so go and enjoy your birthday with your friends. Have a joyful day.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Your Baby Boy:

  • To my precious son, many happy returns of the day. I love you today, tomorrow and will always. May success kiss your feet.
  • Happy Birthday my son. Your presence makes our everyday brighter than previous. So, always be with us.
  • Happy Birthday little star. May your birthday have filled with joy, love and warmth same as you filled my life.
  • My dear son! On your special day I want to tell you that, your presence always encourages me in my tough time. You are very special to me. Thanks for being a part of my life.
  • Happy Birthday to the charm of my life my son. No matter, how much far away from me, I am always besides you for your help and courage. God Bless you my Son.
  • Happy Birthday Son. On this day I wish to God that in each new year you get more courage, more success, more love and more wisdom.
  • Happy belated birthday my son. Sky is not a limit for you. Go and get all your dreams. Always be happy, successful and courageous.
  • Today is your special day, your birthday my son. May you have wonderful life and as well as wonderful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my little star. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy your day with sweet cake, chocolates, candies, balloons and birthday songs.
  • Happy Birthday little guy. You always make us proud. May God bless you with all your heart desires. We both love you our son from the core of our heart.

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Best Wishes and Messages for Son:

Here you can get Best Birthday Wishes and Messages for Son.

  • You, my kids, I’m a wish Strong and strong! Moreover, reliably, when you go with you quickly, even if the most essential will manage you, ask.
  • Today is move away. I know beyond question What will you embrace.
  • I praise you on youngster’s day! All men think about this word. They are generally length of life clearly; I have someone’s kid.
  • November, before winter itself, we salute the event family. He was created to honor his kids. Mother isn’t extraordinary.
  • Peace we wish for everyone we need. Permit him to get back Because I had an absolute family, I wasn’t sitting battling with my youngster!
  • What various youngsters all through the drawn-out mother doesn’t have any effect. For her he is reliably a piece. So be kids
  • You need to go long. Therefore, fostered the event. To beat all kids. Fulfillment, karma, achievement to you and of them, clearly, young people!
  • All male countries in month We are happy to notice Son’s Day. We need you to live without war.
  • There were no mother’s tears! Permit your people to live Without harshness and bother, long length, and you are holding on for you at home Do so much happy!
  • I accept that you overall look forward in presence euphorically and review with adoration in your heart. I wish you endless happiness in life on your birthday.
  • I’m grateful dependably that you came into my reality. Your grins and chuckling are a salve to my heart. You have brought only rapture into my life. Happy birthday, kid!

Mother Love

Unique Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother:

As a mother you can get Unique Birthday Wishes for your Son from here.

  • Much obliged for offering me the chance to feel an overall love. You fill my days with warmth, miracle, and rapture. I accept your birthday is piled up with the equivalent.
  • At the second that inconveniences are insane, everything required are contemplations of you to get me through. Your much love supports my spirit, and I’m grateful such a lot of that I have a young person as significant as you.
  • At the second that you were thought of, I was unable to endeavor to get a handle on the entirety you’d generally expect to me. You are my beginning and end. May your phenomenal day be piled up with untold marvel. Happy birthday!
  • I accept that this year your birthday is only the start of an imperative trip that will lead you to a much genuinely astounding future. Recollect dependably to proceed to wish and dream.
  • On the slim chance that I glance back at all that I’ve accomplished for the span of normal everyday presence, you’re satisfactorily the best thing I’ve whenever made. It’s really a marvel that I had the decision to have a child as unprecedented and guaranteed as you.
  • I have such sweet recollections of you as a kid, yet I have conviction that your future will hold much better ones. I accept your cake is half in any case sweet as you may be. Happy birthday, adolescent!
  • This year on your birthday I am thankful to the point that you’ve shaped into a breathtaking and proficient energetic person. It is such a solace to comprehend that whatever life tosses your bearing you can generally oversee it.

Best Love from Father

Love Messages and Quotes from Father:

Here are love quotes for Son from Father.

  • My joy in having you as my child is something that can’t be evaluated. It ought to be felt through heaps of embraces, kisses, and love. I’m so happy I was viewed with an adolescent as astounding as you.
  • Since the day you were envisioned, you have brought just importance and euphoria into my life. You are a surprising child, and I feel so lucky to be your parent. Happy birthday!
  • Realize that whatever you decide to do in life I will on and on be happy with you. I’m particularly happy this year on your birthday that you are changing into a sharp, kind, and sharp juvenile.
  • Being a parent is never an essential undertaking, at any rate venerating a young person at any rate critical as you are is apparently sometimes badly arranged. You bring tenacious wonder and love into my life. Happy birthday my adolescent!
  • Realize that when I censure you, it’s simply considering the way that I truly consider everything, and when I embrace you, it’s dependably in light of the fact that I adore you. I wish for hands down the best in life for you, and may your birthday be piled up with heaps of presents and giggling.
  • I trust you generally head toward progress, my child, and whether it be for the length of standard everyday presence or love, I accept that all that you may require and wants work out exactly as expected. Happy birthday!
  • At the second that you were considered, I was unable to envision how in the world I would control being a parent. As of now I can’t envision not being one. Happy Birthday.


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