In our life there is a person of every age group. They all are important and special in our life. We love little stars of age 1 to 12 more. They are little cutie pies. Having a kid makes someone luckiest person in the world. There is no special feeling then care and raise your children. As a parent, sibling, uncle or relative the birthday of a kids is a special occasion and a family event. On there birthday you search for Birthday Wishes for Children.

Happy Birthday Little Kid

When it is a birthday of kids, we make special arrangements to celebrate. You always decorate home with balloons and lights. We arrange birthday party. We present birthday gifts and wish little stars with special words. To wishing happy birthday you always try to search unique and attractive birthday wishes from google or you tube, but mostly you waste your time.

So, according to your need here on our website we collected a wide range of handpicked and unique birthday wishes for children. We guaranteed here you will get best birthday wishes without wasting your precious time. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check below section.

Birthday Wishes, Greetings and quotes for Children:

In this section you can check out our wide range of birthday wishes for kids. So, go and check our list now below.

  • Happy Birthday to more adorable child I know. May you always have a smiling face. God Bless you.
  • Happy Birthday my little angel. On your Special day I pray to God to shower HIS blessings on you. You bring sunshine in our lives.
  • Wishing a rocking birthday to sweetest child in the world. Enjoy your day full of joy and happiness.
  • Happy Birthday to most wonderful child in the universe. May your special day be as sweet as your birthday cake.
  • Hey beautiful shinning star! You are indeed precious gift to your parents and world. May you always walk towards your dreams more confidently. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy Birthday to the shinning and coolest child in the world. May your day filled with happiness and gifts.
  • Happy Birthday to my little hero. You are a light, joy and pride of my life. May you have many more.
  • Hey cutest baby! Wishing you a fabulous birthday. May your all dreams come true and always be successful in your coming life.
  • Happy Birthday to the cute, smart and charming little bug. On your special day, I am sending you the oceans of good wishes for your whole life.
  • Hey Little guy! Happy birthday to you. Today is your special day, so today you can put away your homework and enjoy your presents, sweet songs, balloons and cakes.

Birthday Wishes for Children or Kids

Best Wishes and Messages for Kids:

  • I hope your special day full of sweetness and fun. A cute and tremendous kid like you deserve a huge birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to you shining star.
  • As a birthday kid you know you deserves more fun-filled, happy and overflowing with love Birthday ever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my little prince/princess. You are sweet and smart. I love my little bug. A lot of love and kisses for you.
  • For your birthday congratulations to you world’s cutest kid. Today eat tons of candies, cake and celebrate your day with your little buddies.
  • May your day filled with happiness, joy, marshmallows and sweet candies. Wishing you the very happy birthday my cutie pie.
  • Happy Birthday to my little cup cake. You are the twinkle of our eyes, the hope of our hearts and most amazing son/daughter we could ever have.
  • On your special day, I wish your little and loving heart always over flow with happiness and blessings. Happy Birthday my dearest little one.
  • Wishing you the tons of candies, chocolates and cakes on your birthday. May your special day be sweeter than sweetest honey.
  • Happy Birthday to the wonderful person on earth. May you live peaceful and long life. I pray for your bright future.
  • Seconds make minutes, and minutes make hours. Hours make days, and days make months. Months make years with smiles and cheers. Here comes another happy year little star!

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Birthday Wishes for Children from Mother:

You can get best and unique Birthday Wishes for Children from Mom here.

  • Taking a gander at the bright grin all over, my mom is happy. Happy Birthday Kid.
  • Happy birthday, child! Regardless of how you are, mother is glad for you!
  • May the desires in your day to day existence be acknowledged happy birthday!
  • Presently, you are four years of age in a squint of an eye. He is a keen and reasonable kid.
  • Happy birthday, child! Much thanks to you for growing up with your mom…
  • You will be one year more seasoned after today. Be more faithful, cuter, and more reasonable.
  • A long time old birthday, a birthday ready for anything and essentialness. happy Birthday to you!
  • Presently, you have developed into a quiet and able person, guardians are pleased with you!
  • A fruitful individual just knows to clutch his goals and push ahead.
  • Accomplishment in life is just persistence in the main places. Disappointment in life is frequently absence of diligence at crucial points in time.
  • I wish you a sound and happy birthday, I wish you a solid and happy consistently, and wish every one of your desires can be figured it out.
  • May you enthusiastically fold your wings, and you should spread your wings like a hawk and take off on the highest point of achievement.
  • You have a couple of wings. Fly steadily, don’t be intrigued by the breeze and downpour; fly earnestly, don’t be inebriated by the sweet nectar. Towards an unmistakable objective and fly towards a superior life.

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Best Wishes for Kids From Father:

Here you can get Best Birthday Wishes for Kids From Father.

  • Having gone through the good and bad times of life, if it’s not too much trouble, be sad, on the grounds that later on space, you will track down your own star grouping.
  • Kids, all of you have grown up. Kindly recall the instructor’s words: You need to head out in a different direction, and learn more all alone.
  • I trust you can study and peruse deliberately, and don’t allow grown-ups to ask you to finish your schoolwork. May he be solid and happy.
  • Days to recollect, the world is more wonderful as a result of you, happy birthday.
  • Child, I might want to be a drop of water on the tip of the leaf, gazing at you from early morning to night, and transforming into a quiet gift on this extraordinary day.
  • Happy birthday! Allow me to favor you and let me chuckle for you, in light of the fact that on your birthday today, my heart is just about as cheerful and happy as you! happy Birthday to you! !
  • May you resemble a seed, courageously getting through the mud and sand, and staying the youthful green fledglings out of the ground, highlighting the sky.
  • Hope you be a new ocean breeze with white sails; May you be a solid boat, cut the blue waves. The ocean of ​​life grins before you, I trust you ride the breeze and waves, embrace the vivid life, I wish you keen and inspired! happy Birthday!
  • Little birthday star, I wish you every one of your expectations, everything you could ever hope for can be understood, all your holding up can show up, and every one of your endeavors can be satisfied.

Best Wishes For Kids

Funny Birthday Wishes for Children:

You can get Funny Birthday Wishes for Children from Here.

  • Child, thank you for growing up with your mom. As a result of you, mother feels that she is the most joyful individual on the planet. I trust you can grow up joyfully and carry on with a happy life.
  • Today, & years prior, exquisite you tumbled to the ground. Today, & years after the fact, you look more lovely. This is your birthday. The splendid daylight and blue sky are generally assisting me with giving my favors to you!
  • Tomorrow is your 10th birthday. I wish you a happy birthday ahead of time, satisfaction, affection always, concentrate hard, and gain ground each day. From tomorrow on, you will be one year more seasoned and one bit nearer to adulthood. Mom and Dad will consistently cherish you.
  • Guardians wish you generally have three things later on: one is love and generosity; the second is fearlessness and solid; the third is kindness and bliss. The ten-year-old birthday flame is going to illuminate for you, and everybody will say to you: child, happy birthday!
  • In view of your appearance, this day has become a lovely day, and the world has gotten more alluring from that point forward. happy Birthday to you!
  • In ten years, we have observed each progression of yours. Following ten years, you should figure out how to make each stride of yours, and wish our darling a happy 10th birthday and grow up strongly!
  • Happy birthday, child! Regardless of how you are, mother is glad for you!
  • May all joy, all joy, all glow, and all amazing good fortune associate with you for eternity! Happy birthday, child!

Happy Kids

Funny Wishes for Kids:

Here are some Funny and Unique Wishes for Kids.

  • Child, happy birthday to you! You are consistently the awesome your mom’s psyche. She wishes you accomplishment in your examinations, sweet love, delightful and satisfaction! Child, we love you! The world will be superb as a result of you, and we will be glad for you!
  • Child, one year more seasoned, I trust your birthday is overflowing with happiness and everything goes easily forward!
  • Eighteen years of spring and fall, eighteen years of difficult work. The grass develops and the time passes quickly, what changes is your development and progress, and what stays unaltered is our profound indestructible love.
  • I wish to be close by consistently, no compelling reason to miss you harshly, and no compelling reason to cherish you acrid and sharp, very much like you pleasantly! Happy birthday, my child!
  • You are spring; like a spring breeze. You are summer, lovely and wonderful. You are fall; delicate and quiet. You are winter; radiant white as jade. The white pony crossed the hole; ten years of spring and pre-winter. Blurring juvenile; introducing youth. May you be happy; bliss forever. Bright life; you and I are together. Faint gift; profound love.
  • You have a couple of wings. Fly diligently, don’t be dazzled by the breeze and downpour; fly genuinely, don’t be inebriated by the sweet nectar. Towards an unmistakable objective and fly towards a superior life.
  • Regardless of how old you will be, you are a youngster in your mom’s eyes, and will consistently be your mom’s child. Mother loves you. Mother trusts you will grow up strongly and trust you will prevail in your examinations. Today is your birthday. Mother wishes you a happy birthday!


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