Best Birthday Wishes to Send Your Friends and Besties


  1. Let them have cake, first! They’re you, by the way. Birthday greetings!

2. A happy birthday to you, dear! May this be the year you soar on the wings of achievement!

3. You just turned three! Girl, pop the bubbly; you earned it.

4. You are the birthday queen today, therefore you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Happy birthday, and drink, eat, and have a good time!

5. Cheers to a fun-filled birthday celebration lasting 24 hours! Birthday greetings!

6. Even though you’re fairly great all year long, I hope your birthday is more than epic!

7. Happy birthday and may all of your wishes come true!

8. To my beloved friend who is young now and always. Birthday greetings!

9. Happy birthday and best wishes as you start another amazing journey this year. Birthday greetings!

10. Have a happy birthday! Here’s to another year filled with enduring happiness and amazing friends. I appreciate your awesomeness.

11. A very special person has a birthday today; people like you make the world a better place.

12. I wish you a wonderful celebration of your special day. You merit it. Birthday greetings!

13. You just keep getting stronger, wiser, funnier, and more amazing as you age! Happy birthday to you, my friend!

14. Even though the birthday candles are bright, you are even more radiant. Birthday greetings!

15. While birthdays are always fun, yours is the most fun. Have a great day!

16. You and everything else are better with frosting! So, enjoy that cake, little one! Birthday greetings!

17. It’s amazing that today is your birthday! You make becoming older so appealing.

18. I appreciate you always being there for me and being your amazing self. As a friend, I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are. Birthday greetings!

19. Cheers to you and all fantastic you accomplish! Enjoy a beverage and happy birthday!

20. A useful reminder that on your birthday, calories don’t matter, so feel free to have another piece of cake.

21. You would age like a fine wine, which I should have anticipated. Lovely, happy birthday!

22. Happy birthday and best wishes for the rest of the year. Birthday greetings!

23. Your birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge! So go ahead and indulge in all of your vices today, but keep in mind that on your birthday, calories don’t count.

Happy birthday! For a rockin’ dude, here’s wishing you another rockin’ birthday.

25. Happy birthday, and many blessings of joy, love, and cake!

26. Wishing you a year filled with joy and blessings that begins with your birthday!

We adore birthday queens, and you are deserving of the title. Birthday greetings!

28. I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday and a prosperous new year!

29. The time has come! Birthdays are occasions for celebration, photo ops, copious amounts of cake consumption, and simply being your lovely self.

30. Today is the one day each year that is all about you! Birthday greetings!


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